UX Bootcamp San Francisco

May 3, 2014

The rapid change of technology over the past few years created incredible applications, but also strong competition between companies for users. Providing a delightful experience for your customers is essential to become successful in today’s market, making UX more important than ever.

This one-day workshop will demystify UX with an introduction to basic UX principles and practices. You will learn the core concepts of UX through hands on exercises and examples.

We are excited to be sponsored by Neo. “We make digital products for a connected world. We are unique in how we work — seasoned, cross functional teams obsessed with the ultimate success of the product and the value it delivers to our clients’ customers and business model.”

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Product Management: The Lean Way

I believe in Lean Product Management, so companies spend more time figuring out what works, rather than building something customers won’t use. This class is great for existing Product Managers who want to learn more about lean and for people who want to learn more about Product Management. It is also great for managers who want to start implementing Lean on their teams. I teach online through the Skillshare platform and you can enroll at anytime.

What students have said:

“This was a super helpful class! Melissa is a great teacher and makes an extra effort to make sure that all your questions and problems get solved that might appear during the class (she even helped me with a product management problem I was having, more or less unrelated to the class!). She was very supportive and her presentations are clear & concise. I can definitely recommend her class :) ” – Feyyaz Alingan

“Melissa’s lectures and informative feedback helped to shape a new approach towards analyzing feature and new product decisions, as well as how to find/determine the *actual* questions to ask of the team and customers. I’d definitely recommend this course for anyone interested or involved in product management.” – Matt Cohen 

“Thank you! Informative class, masterfully presented. I appreciate the level of detail in Melissa’s responses on my project. I learned a lot while enjoying being part of this class.” – Mariya Breyter


Past Classes:

UX Bootcamp Boston – March 2014

Product Management at General Assembly – Feb 2014 – April 2014

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