Product Operations: The Fuel for Winning Product Strategies

46.8% of product decision makers cite lack of quality data as the main challenge they make when making decisions and only 21.9% always or almost always use data to back decisions.
How Decisions Are Made by Alpha

Everybody in Product has subscribed to the importance of data as a driver of high quality decision-making by now.

But tragically few are able to do it. 😫

Enter: Product Operations — the art of removing obstacles from evidence-based decision making. Done right, it fuels a virtuous cycle of benefits that’ll empower everyone from the executive team all the way to each individual contributor responsible for building the products — whether Engineers, Designers or Product Managers.

“The Virtuous Cycle of Product Operations”

In the webinar below in partnership with Insight Partners, I walk you through some of the work we’ve recently done to formalize Product Operations as a function that’s necessary to fuel strategic decisions and the growth-stage and beyond.

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Melissa Perri