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"Deep knowledge and experience in Product Management delivered with infectious enthusiasm"

I am thrilled to have traveled to conferences around the world to deliver talks on the dynamic topics of Product Management, UX, Agile, and Lean. As a keynote speaker, I try to balance inspiration with information, providing both theory and practical takeaways for each group I meet.  My goal is that my talks feel more like performances for the audience, blending lots of know-how and experience with a little bit of humor (see: cat memes). I am available to speak at events around the world, so please get in touch!


The build trap

This is my signature Keynote talk, and is based on my upcoming book. There are two versions, tailored for two different crowds: Agile Software Development and Product Management.


DEsigned to learn

A keynote talk on the misinterpretations of MVPs and how companies should be running them.


Melissa’s keynote from Lean Agile Scotland 2016 challenged norms and dangerous paths the industry is falling into while providing insights and practical thinking tools for the audience to take away... knocking some of us off our seats in laughter along the way. Awesome!
— Chris McDermott, Conference Organizer Lean Agile Scotland
Fantastic session - I have no history with product development but Melissa’s session gave hilarious insight into the correlation between customer needs, product design and development
— Agile Australia 2017 keynote feedback


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