Melissa Perri


The Build Trap


are you stuck in the build trap?

Five years ago the struggle was shipping software. While that problem still exists for many companies today, it is no longer the only hurdle.  Now, companies have to focus not just on shipping software, but on the right software. When companies measure their success on the amount of features  released rather than the customer needs those features fulfill, they are stuck in The Build Trap. In addition to velocity,  there has to be a real importance on value.

To escape The Build Trap, organizations must build out a Product Management practice that leads to the creation of value.  There are three key parts to a successful product organization:  strategy, processes, and culture. This book provides a toolbox of product management principles that can be applied to any company, big or small. By understanding the secrets to communicating and collaborating within a company structure, you’ll learn how to overcome product development roadblocks and how to build products that benefit both your business and your customer.



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