Melissa Perri

Talks and Videos

Here are a collection of my talks and presentations. While some talks have similar titles, they have been tailored to the audience I am presenting to. I am happy to tailor talks and topics to your audience.


The Build Trap

This keynote was presented at Lean Agile Scotland in 2016.

Are you building what your customers really want, or are you just building? The "Build Trap" is easy to fall into, especially in Agile transformations. Instead of focusing on building, we need to shift our focus to good Product Management strategies that help us validate our ideas before we start coding. 


Escaping the Build Trap

this keynote was presented at mind the product in 2017

While Agile software development helps us build products well, it does not specify anything about Product Management practices. In order to get out of the Build Trap, we need good Product Management. Our strategy, processes, and culture have to be focused just as much on building the right thing as they are on building the things right.


Beyond Pretty

This talk was given at aatc 2016 and agile on the beach 2014.

Learn how Lean principles can be applied to Agile UX and software teams to iterate our way to engaging sites customers will love. Get an into practices and tools you can start using immediately to ensure customers are getting the most value out of your products.


The Bad Idea Terminator

this talk was given at qconlondon in 2015

Melissa Perri presents how to destroy bad product ideas before they go to market while achieving the business goals and determining product strategy. She brings practical techniques on defining success and creating effective product experiments to kill bad ideas and give energy to the good ones.

This was recorded but you have to visit InfoQ's website to see it.


Three Star Product Experiences

This talk was given at ux london once, but was not recorded

El Bulli, Frantzen, Alinea, Aquavit - some of the best restaurants in the world. They didn’t achieve their Michelin Stars by doing the same thing as everyone else. Let’s take a cue from restaurants on how to take our software products from good to great. We need to forgo traditional methods of building products and turn to product management practices that deliver exceptional value to the user. Focusing on user experience, product experiments, teamwork, and solving problems will get us there.

Note: This talk has only been given once, and I would love to give it again somewhere. 

"Great talk by @lissijean on product design and related principles from the food industry. Hungry now... #uxlondon" - @IRESS_UX


The Build Trap

this keynote was presented at Lean wx 2015

An early, shorter version of The Build Trap talk for a wide audience of UX, Agile, Product Management, and Lean practitioners.


Lean Product Management

This Keynote was given at the Ace poland conference in 2015.

Product Management is an art of balancing customer needs with creating business value. Unfortunately; many of the tools and values we have today do not focus on building products our customers need; but building what we "think" they will want. In this talk, we'll rethink our most common tools to better suit a customer focused approach.


Continuous Product Improvement

This talk was given as a Keynote at Agile Practitioners Conference 2016 and at Agile on the Beach in 2015.

Learn how you can use Continuous Improvement techniques in product discovery and iteration to create products that achieve business goals and satisfy user needs. We’ll explore how Toyota Kata and Kaizen in product development team helps bring about a culture of collaboration, experimentation, and metric oriented results.