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Product Management Workshop

  • Clifton's Melbourne 1/440 Collins St Melbourne Australia (map)

This workshop will look at how Product Managers in an Agile team can manage continuous discovery and delivery. We’ll dive into the most important areas of Product Management: strategy, identifying goals and measuring success, focusing on the user, experimenting to learn, and leading teams around a goal.

Product Management is the art of balancing the business and customer’s needs. While many Agile teams are excellent at maintaining a consistent pace of delivery, they struggle with meeting user’s needs and determining if their products are successful. Most Product Owner courses only teach the delivery part of the process: creating and grooming the backlog, planning sprints, and prioritising stories. They rarely look at ensuring that teams are building the right features. Without this piece, we’re creating a lot of risk for our businesses.

You will learn:

  • What is good product management? Product owner vs product manager, product strategy, great product management essentials
  • Identifying common goals and measuring success: Common problems with user stories, introduction to the ‘Jobs to be done’ framework, how to write ‘job stories’ to put you in she shoes of the customer
  • Understanding users: How to build empathy for your users in teams, identifying user problems
  • Experimenting to learn vs Experimenting to deliver value: Finding problem-solution fit and product-market fit, minimum viable products vs minimum feature sets, experimenting to learn more about your customers and the right solutions, mitigating risk through experimentation frameworks
  • Leading product teams to success: The product manager as the facilitator of teams, how to structure teams for success, dealing with constraints, creating effective product roadmaps

Discover how to:

  • Limit the risk for your companies by ensuring they are building the right features early.
  • Kill bad feature ideas early and often.
  • Balance user and business needs in effective Product Management.
  • Build empathy for your users with lightweight and effective research.
  • How to identify user problems that will produce business value.
  • How to create a dynamic Product Strategy that will further the business and align teams.
  • How to do lightweight experimentation to learn more about your users and effective solutions.
  • How to rally a team and stakeholders around creating great products for your users.
  • How Agile teams can structure their processes to do continuous discovery and delivery.

Who should attend? This course will be great for Product Owners and Product Directors, as well as other members of Agile teams who would like to learn more about the role.

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Later Event: March 22
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